Tropicana Casino Worker Sues Owner

An employee of Tropicana Casino and Resort who was diagnosed with lung cancer recently sued the owner of the casino resort for failing to protect him and other individuals from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Vincent Reinich, 48, was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 47, even though he is a non-smoker. He has undergone a surgery that removed the top lobe of his right lung.

Reinich stands an 80 percent likelihood of a recurrence of the cancer, and he is made susceptible to numerous other health risks.

The lawsuit was filed by Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton and Eberz, P.C. in Superior Court for the State of New Jersey in the County of Atlantic City on behalf of plaintiffs Vincent Rennich and his wife, Lynn Rennich, against Aztar Corporation, owner and operator of the Tropicana.

Rennich's complaint states that "Aztar caused and permitted an abnormally dangerous activity at the Tropicana and such activity caused Mr. Rennich to suffer lung cancer."

The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury and demands an award of damages to be determined during the trial.

"Aztar has done nothing whatsoever to warn, guard against or alleviate the dangers of secondhand smoke to those individuals, such as Mr. Rennich, who work at the Tropicana," the complaint charges.

"Aztar has failed to provide him with any warning of the dangers of secondhand smoke or with a safe environment in which to perform his job through prophylactic measures such as proper ventilation equipment or other air cleaning devices," the complaint further states.

Lynn Rennich is suing Aztar for Loss of Consortium. "As a direct and proximate result of defendant's negligence and other alleged wrongs... Lynn Rennich has been and will be deprived of the services, society, companionship and consortium of her husband."